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Superb wooden presentation model of Puma Helicopter

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While the Puma helicopter didn't have a career within the Fleet Air Arm, this superb presentation model came to us from the son of a senior employee at Westlands who had strong Fleet Air Arm connections. Sadly his father has passed away so the full details are lost. He suggested that the fuselage element might have been used in a wind tunnel before being mounted on a plinth, but we cannot confirm this.

We aren't experts on wood, but we suspect that it may be made of mahogany and the rotor blades and gear are highly detailed.

Whatever the materials, this is a superb and substantial model that would grace any desk, office or board room. It is likely that very few were made and it may conceivably be unique.

Fuselage length: c.51cms

Rotor Diameter:c. 52cms

Plinth: c.33cms x 13cms

The stand has a brass plaque which reads 'S.N.I. Aerospatiale Marignane'

This is a very solid model and weighs in at nearly 4kg.



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