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McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 1/48 model - 892 NAS HMS Ark Royal 1978. Limited Edition with Navy Wings Exclusive 1978 crew signed certificate

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Exclusive to Navy Wings - a certificate signed by Phantom aircrew and 'Wings' serving on Ark Royal in November 1978.

Only 15 models are available with these certificates!

The McDonnell Douglas Phantom is one of the aviation icons of the 20th century. It first entered service with the US Navy in 1960 and is still in active use in countries around the globe today,


This remarkable two seat, all weather, long range interceptor and fighter-bomber is renowned for its high performance, reliability and versatility. Capable of Mach 2.2 and able to carry over 8 tons of ordnance, it set 15 world records including absolute speed and absolute altitude. Employed by many other air forces, the Royal Navy was the only military force outside the US to use it for carrier borne operations and, equipped with British avionics and Rolls-Royce Spey engines, it served with distinction on HMS Ark Royal.


This 1/48th scale die cast model is almost as much of a beast as the real thing and the detail is fantastic including optional configurations of landing gear and weapons/fuel tanks.

Only 2500 available world wide.Only 15 with a signed certificate and only one with the signed certificate and original aircrew manual


Certificate signatories. 


Commander Michael H.G. Layard (1978)

Commander Air (‘Wings’) 892 NAS, HMS Ark Royal

Later Second Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Michael H.G. Layard KCB CBE (C in C Naval Home Command)

Lieutenant Commander David D. Braithwaite (1978)

Air Warfare Instructor (AWI) and Navy display pilot 892 NAS, HMS Ark Royal

Over 1000 deck landings. Pilot of last Phantom F-4 deck landing. Later Lt Cdr (Flying) RNAS Yeovilton. D.D Braithwaite MBE MRAes MCIM

Lieutenant Commander Leo Gallagher (1978)

Senior Observer 892 NAS, HMS Ark Royal. Member of Directorate of Naval Air Warfare (DNAW). Author of Staff Target for Blue Vixen (Sea Harrier Upgrade radar system). Chief Tactical Instructor (Sea Harrier Intensive Trials Unit - 700A)



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