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Remembrance Mugs - Poppies at Sea to remember those who gave their lives above, on and under the waves

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These mugs are a subtle and elegant way of remembering the many service men and women who lost their lives as a result of world conflict. Not just on Remembrance Day, but every day.

The images alone are poignant, or you can choose a design that includes the poem 'Remember the Poppies of the Sea'.

Remember the Poppies of the Sea


No grave to mark the man.
No cross, alone or serried ranked,

No poignant blooms to salute the loss or the love

Or the tragedy of fading memories.


On steel steed and white horsed plain they did their duty.

They fought and gave and gave their all and,

when all was done, they took the sea's embrace.


Somewhere, a gypsy ripple monument roams tirelessly still,

A metamorphic headstone.

Improperly anonymous.

Incongruously humble.  


​Named and nameless, fathers and sons, warriors all.

Now fathoms deep, at peace on pillows of softest sand.

Their drifting spirits but gentle shadows, dancing forever with sunbeams.


At the going down of the sun

And in the morning
Remember the poppies that grow on the wind harrowed meadows of the sea.


The mugs are high quality and dishwasher safe for added longevity.


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