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Atlantic Escorts - Veteran Swordfish crew signed Limited edition print

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The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest and most complex campaign of WWII. Fairey Swordfish, launched from Escort carriers and MAC ships, played a huge part in winning that war. These wonderful aircraft, so well suited to the task, flew in all weathers and proved to be a superb deterrent to the German U boats, reducing allied ship losses to a minimum.

This limited edition print (250) shows Swordfish LS326 setting out on yet another cold patrol and has original signatures of veteran aircrew including those who flew in the Atlantic and at the Battle of Taranto. 

It's a stunning image that will enhance any home and is an opportunity to own a piece of history. It is also a fitting tribute to the bravery of the pilot's and crew.

Supplied with certificate of authenticity.

MAC Ship Pilot – Stanley Brand

Swordfish pilot Sub Lt Stanley Brand joined 836 NAS and served on MAC ships Alexia and Empire MacColl. He is the author of Achtung! Swordfish! (and also pranged W5856 – another Swordfish in the Navy Wings Heritage flight!).


MAC Ship Observer – John Treble

Lt John Treble served in 826 NAS operating from Malta and North Africa before joining 836 NAS and serving aboard MAC ships Acavus, Empire McAndrew and Empire Mackay.


MAC Ship telegraphist air gunner – John McFarling

PO (Air) John McFarling served in 833 NAS and 836 NAS on the MAC Ships Miralda, MacAndrew and Rapana before moving o 758 NAS


MAC Ship Air Staff Officer – John Neale

Lt Cdr John Neale was awarded his DSC for his part in the attack on Taranto in 1940 while flying with 815 NAS. He then served with 823 NAS on the Malta run with HMS Furious and then 841 NAS where he earned a DFC for operations in the Channel.


Artist – Terrence Lee

Terrence Lee is a highly regarded artist who specialises in marine subjects and worked for a period at RNAS Yeovilton


MV Rapana.

Rapana was launched in April 1935 and was converted to Merchant Aircraft Carrier (MAC ship) in July 1943.

She displaced only 8000 tons (or 16,000 with a deep load). Almost 483 feet in length, she had a maximum beam of just 62 feet. She was equipped with a single 4inch QF (quick fire) gun, two single 40mm Bofors and six 20mm Oerlikons. She carried 3 Swordfish which were parked on deck as there was no hangar. She was reconverted to a mercantile tanker in 1945, renamed Rotula in 1950 and scrapped in Hong Kong in 1958.


Fairey Swordfish LS326

LS326 is one of the last two flying Fairey Swordfish aircraft in the world and is part of the Navy Wings Heritage Flight. Built by Blackburn in Sherburn in Elmet, she was delivered to the RN in 1943. She saw service in L Flight 836 NAS in MV Rapana between September and November 1943 and later in 836K Flight in MV Empire MacCallum during 1944. In 1959 she was used in the film ‘Sink the Bismarck!’.

Approx 59cm X 42cm

N.B. This item is supplied only as a print. The image with the frame is for illustration purposes only. 

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