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Fairey Gannet. RNAS Culdrose - XG831 or NAS HMS Albion 1957 XA420 333 824 1957 1/72 (A72)

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The Fairey Gannet was a British carrier-borne aircraft of the post-Second World War era developed for the Fleet Air Arm (FAA). It was a mid-wing monoplane with a tricycle undercarriage, a crew of three, and a double turboprop engine driving two contra-rotating propellers.

Originally developed to meet the FAA’s dual-role anti-submarine warfare and strike requirement, it was later adapted for operations as an electronic countermeasures and carrier onboard delivery aircraft. The Gannet AEW was a variant of the aircraft developed as a carrier-based airborne early warning platform. By the mid 60's, the Gannet had largely been replaced by the Westland Whirlwind HAS.7.

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