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Ocean Sentinel - The Short Sunderland, by John F Hamlin

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One of World War II’s iconic aircraft and famed as the flying-boat which defended Britain’s waters and supply routes like no other, the Short Sunderland was modified and developed post-war into a civil airliner serving Empire and trans-ocean routes around the world.

From the manufacture of the Sunderland in several different locations, the type development and operational roles, the book moves on to detail the many military units, British and of other nationalities, with which the flying-boat served worldwide.

The individual histories of every aircraft are catalogued, including those of Australian, New Zealand, South African, French and Portuguese forces. Civil conversions and the development of the Sandringham, Seaford and Solent variants are also covered. Operators, routes and individual histories are fully described.

The Appendices cover a unit/codes/serials index, registration/ serial cross reference and list of civil aircraft names. A Roll of Honour provides a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives in Sunderland operations.

Copiously illustrated with almost 400 black and white images, there are also 17 colour photos and 21 colour side views prepared by Peter Coker.

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