The D Day War Diaries: United States Beaches By James Robertshaw
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The D Day War Diaries: United States Beaches By James Robertshaw

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US Beaches & US Operations in Normandy, D-Day (June 6th 1944).

In the 75th anniversary year of VE Day this is sure to be of great interest.

James Robertshaw crams a huge amount of information about the plans, strategies, people, units and events of both the Allies and the Axis forces.

This is such a terrific compendium of facts and images that it will be a 'must have' for anyone with any level of interest in military history.

This is a detailed compendium telling the story of how the landings were organised, intelligence was gathered, and the deception plans laid. It also defines where the US troops were trained in England prior to the D-Day Landings, and in which camps, by county (mainly in the South West of England and Wales).

The book lists the ships that were used in the Battle of Normandy (Operation Overlord) and includes the US Airborne Air Plans and drop zones. It refers to the German units occupying the Cotentin Peninsula and Normandy beaches with photographs of some of the German fortifications and units manning the beaches.

It is a useful reference of the operations conducted by the USAF and Naval Units and the first actions on D-Day up to D-Day +8.  The citations and awards given for actions are also listed.

James Robertshaw's trademark is the amount of detail in his books. Each is a very convenient treasure trove and this is no exception.

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