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We've gathered together a great collection of quality items for anyone with an interest in Naval Aviation. All proceeds contribute to keeping historically important aircraft flying so that the inspirational story of endeavour, innovation and sacrifice can continue to be told by the aircraft that helped to shape our history.

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Keeping Iconic Heritage Aircraft Flying

Sea Vixen (FAW2) G-CVIX XP924

Your help keeps her, and all our aircraft, flying to tell the story of our Great British naval aviation heritage.  

Enjoy watching the last flying Sea Vixen displaying in the skies over the country she served.

Navy Wings honouring our heritage

Navy Wings & the story of British Naval Aviation

The story of British Naval Aviation is one of courage, innovation, endeavour & sacrifice. Navy Wings honours all those involved in this epic saga by remembering their achievements and by inspiring future generations to write exciting new chapters. The contribution of Naval Aviation to the history of our nation should neither be underestimated nor unrecognised. Watch the video and share our passion.